Mont Marte Dimension acrylic is a high viscosity fine art paint that offers artists a new dimension in painting.

This acrylic’s ultra thick buttery consistency can be applied with a brush, palette knife or shapers to create exaggerated texture effects.

One of our main suppliers is Mont Marte, which has a vision that pretty well fits in with our aims at Art Shed: ‘Taking art to the people’.

Mont Marte and its Products

Over the last fifteen years, Mont Marte has grown to be the biggest supplier of art products in Australia and its products are now available in over seventy countries. It has achieved this spectacular growth by providing art supplies that are top quality, affordable and aimed at all levels of art customers — from absolute beginners through intermediate users right up to professional artists.

In addition to providing an extensive range of products, both traditional art supplies as well as craft items, face and body paints and scrap book stickers, Mont Marte offers extensive help and advice.

This includes helping its retailers, such as Art Shed, but also supporting a thriving online community through monthly updates, tips and tricks, lessons and a sharing of community art.

There are YouTube inspirational clips via a Mont Marte TV webpage, question and answer sessions and free art lessons that include downloadable lesson plans in PDF format.

The Monte Marte principle of supporting artists of all experiences and abilities fits in well with the Art Shed ethic and that’s why we’re a Mont Marte Platinum Art Centre.

That means we can supply all Mont Marte products that are available in Australia, including canvases, brushes, paints and much more.

Mont Marte Dimension

One of the best and most successful of all the Mont Marte paint that we sell is the Dimension range. This is a fine art acrylic paint that’s available in 75ml tubes plus sets in a wide range of 48 colours.

The thick and buttery consistency of all the paints means you can apply it with a brush, a palette knife or a shaper to achieve just the texture effect you want.

It’s a high viscosity paint and so you can apply thick layers that will hold their peaks and won’t sag or slide. You can also use additives to thicken or thin the paint and change its characteristics as you wish.

Mont Marte acrylic paint is manufactured from finely ground pigments that have good light fastness and so won’t fade when exposed to sunlight. They have exceptional colour brilliance and depth, dry quickly to a gloss finish and have minimal colour shift.

And with 48 colours to choose from and an ability to mix them, you’ll hardly be struggling to achieve the effect you want.

Get in touch if you need help in selecting that perfect acrylic paint for your next project. Like Mont Marte, we at Art Shed are happy to give you all the support you need.

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