Whether you’re just starting out as a painter, are trying to expand your level of expertise or are experienced with many projects behind you, an art paint set may be just the thing for you. It also makes a perfect gift for any budding painter.

Designed for All Levels of Experience

As a novice painter who is unfamiliar with the terms and vagaries of the art world, choosing the paint you need can be so confusing it can put you off the subject entirely.

Buying a paint set can avoid that problem because you’ll get a range of colours that will almost certainly be enough for your needs at the outset.

When you are starting out, we don’t recommend getting too many colours since the aim is to keep it simple until you gain enough experience to make an informed choice. When you are more experienced, a paint set can provide a good basis that you can then build on by adding other colours that complement those you already have.

Even the most experienced of painters can find it useful to buy much of their paint as part of a set. Buying an assortment of colours together can be much cheaper than getting them individually and you can be sure the artist paint sets we supply at Art Shed are of the highest quality.

Help With What You Need

Even buying paint sets can be a challenge for the novice artist because of the range of paint types, brands and features. Do you want to paint in oils, acrylics or watercolours? Which brands are the best? What do all the features mean?

We realise it can be confusing so we’re here to help you choose the paint set that’s exactly right for you. We can explain whether you need heavy body paints for thick coats, why light fastness is important and the range of colours that’s best for any projects you have in mind.

When you are just starting out, a student grade of paints will be cheaper and probably sufficient so you can experiment with your technique without worrying too much about the quality of the colours.

As you get better and decide to carry on painting in a more serious fashion, you can move on to the professional grades that, although more expensive, provide more colours that look better and offer greater permanence.

All You Need

Our paint sets have everything you need to get you started and then move you along as you gain experience.

As well as ranges of paints in different mediums and colours, that include introductory sets for beginners, we offer mini palettes with paints to really get you started properly.

We also have poster sets for children as well as sand art and postcard gift collections. Browse the range to get just what you need.

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