Improve Your Art by Using Transfer Paper

Drawing is one of the fundamentals of creating artworks but just because you are not too great at drawing doesn’t mean that you cannot create marvellous canvases or artworks.  We live in the 21st century, not in the dark ages where everything had to be hand carved from scratch.  Today there are lots of handy art tools and methods available to help an artist create wonderful works much faster and to much greater satisfaction.

If you have a picture that you would like to transfer to a canvas or product but don’t have the skill or time it takes to properly draw these images, then we highly recommend you give drawing transfer paper a try.

These paper sheets allow you to copy the outlines of pictures or photographs onto canvases, paper, sheets or other art bases.  Once your outline is sketched with the tracing paper, you can get to work at creating your unique work of art in any art medium.  Trace paper is perfectly suitable for creating oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media artwork.

Tracing paper is incredibly handy for saving time on your artwork and is a very handy tool for student artists who might be busy perfecting their art medium technique.  With these tracing papers, you can have your base sketch done in minutes so you can get to work on art medium practice much quicker.  These papers are also fantastic for artists that want to create works without any mistakes.

How to Use Transfer Sketch Paper

Tracing paper is very easy to use and can be used to transfer images to a huge variety of places such as canvases, wood planks, shirts and more.  There are also different types of tracing paper pads available on the market.  Here is a quick breakdown of the top types and how to use them;

Inkjet printer tracing paper - To use this paper all you need to do is to design or look for a design on your computer.  The image you choose should be an outline.  Print the image in reverse or mirror format onto the paper.  Now you can heat press your image face down onto the canvas or material.  A hot iron is a perfect tool for heat transferring these images.

Trace pad paper - These paper pads are usually a see-through paper that allows you to trace an image with great ease.  The best way to trace is by working on a lightbox and a 4B pencil. Once the image is transferred to the transparent paper, you can transfer it to your canvas by scratching the back of the paper without moving the paper.

Get Tracing Paper from Art Shed Online

At Art Shed Online we sell a wide range of art products such as canvases, Copic markers, paints, paint sets, pigments, brushes, accessories, easels, storage boxes, drawing pads, sketch pencils, colouring pencils, portfolios, modelling tools and so much more. 

We also sell different types of tracing paper to help you make the best of your artwork in less time.  Our tracing paper types include papers like the following;

  • Inkjet printer transfer art paper that allows you to print directly onto the sheets before transferring to your canvas.
  • Transfer rolls for those extra-large art projects
  • Tracing paper pads in different sizes.  These pads are perfect for tracing all sorts of pictures onto overlay or transparent sheets
  • Graphite tracing pads
  • White paper transfer pads
  • Scratch art tracing pads

You can buy any of these products directly from our online store, and we will get them delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.