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Our aim is to encourage artists of all types, standards and ages. That includes children who are, of course, the potential artists of the future.

By encouraging them to get involved in creative activities now, we hope they will eventually move on to more ambitious artistic projects later and will be able to fully realise their true potential.

Craft Supplies for Different Events and Ages

If you’re organising a kids’ party, craft workshop or other event, need to keep your kids busy during the school holidays or just want to help them with some creative ideas, we have exactly the things for you.

Children place much greater value on anything that they make themselves rather than something that’s just produced elsewhere and given to them, so provide them with the chance to use their creative imagination by looking through our kids craft supplies.

We offer a range of masks and other products that children can make from the components provided.

Added to that are a number of paper masks plus some paper mache full and half face masks that are supplied plain so your kids can use their imagination to decorate them as they wish.

Select art materials from other categories to help them complete their projects — paints in a range of colours including fluorescents, brush sets and acrylic paint pens to add any numbers of colours and patterns. We also have kids’ poster paint sets and mini palette and paint sets to get them started.

Browse our whole range to help your kids to get properly creative or ask our helpful staff to give you as much advice as you need.

Inspiration for your Kids

We’re here to help you get the most out of our craft suppliers for kids as well as other complementary products. With our range of almost 4,000 items, you’re bound to find just what you’re after to get your kids inspired.

Our aim is to provide a range of kids’ craft items that are exciting and give plenty of opportunity for creativity but at the same time are easy on the pocket.

That way, you get your kids and their friends fully involved in artistic activities, whether it’s a party or just something to keep them interested on a rainy day.

After all, getting involved in projects and designing and making their own creations are definitely more satisfying than playing a computer game.

The memories are much more long lasting and all the more pleasurable for that — and they might well foster an interest in art that continues and flourishes in the years to come. After that, who knows where it will take them?

Art Shed supply art supplies online in Australia including canvas art supplies, acrylic paint, kids craft supplies and plenty more. Shop online with Art Shed and save big on your art supplies.

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