Art Shed has a huge range of Stretched Canvas for Artists of every level.

From the Mont Marte Studio range produced to fit within the budget of the Beginner or Student; through to our exclusive Premium range of Mont Marte Gallery Linen Pro which is used by Professional Artists' and has been used by Archibald Prize Finalists.

Canvas Art Supplies Online

A blank canvas is the starting point for most painted works of art you’re likely to produce so you want the best you can get to make your hard work pay off.

If you want the very best and most affordable, we have a whole range of hhigh-qualityblank canvas for sale.

Choosing a Ready Made Canvas

Canvas has been traditionally used for oil paintings and latterly is also the choice when painting in acrylic, while watercolour and pastel painting are also possible if the canvas is properly primed.

To make it easy for you to choose, we have a choice of several Mont Marte canvas types and sizes available that enable you to start painting without any preparation.

All pre-stretched canvas for sale is triple coated with universal primer to prevent paint cracking, is evenly stretched across an acid-free pine frame and is securely stapled in place.

You have a choice of double or single thickness with varying depths of stretcher frame, in professional or studio qualities with different canvas weights, and in a gallery quality Indian linen.

These choices sometimes come down to personal preference — the thickness determines how far the painting stands off the wall while the type of canvas can affect the finish of the painting. However, if you’re not sure which is the best for whatever you have in mind, get help from our staff before you buy canvas online.

All canvases are available in a range of sizes plus, for something a little different, we have several canvases in various shapes for unusual projects and three-piece triptych canvas to produce a spilt image or a series of connected works.

Also available are packs of round canvas panels in a variety of sizes. These comprise compressed card that has primed canvas glued on, are easily carried and ideal for sketches and paintings.

Make Your Own

If you want a size of canvas we don’t stock, such as for a mural or banner, or just prefer to make up your own canvases, we have everything you need among our canvas art supplies.

You can buy canvas on the roll in any length you want and we have stretcher bars that have bevels and slots for easy assembly.

You can also buy pliers to help you stretch the canvas over the frame, staplers to fix it in place and universal primer to prevent cracking and deterioration of your painting.

If you’ve never made a canvas before, speak to our knowledgeable and helpful staff who can advise you on all aspects of buying canvas online.

For something a little different, we have canvas art for sale in the form of adult colouring canvas where you can colour or paint in a number of different designs.

Art Shed supply art supplies online in Australia including canvas art suppliesacrylic paintkids craft supplies and plenty more. Shop online with Art Shed and save big on your art supplies.