Mont Marte Imitation Silver Leaf 14 x 14cm 25 sheets

The age-old process of metal leaf gilding can add a new dimension to the appearance of paintings, sculpture, leather goods, metalwork, glass, picture frames and much more.

The effects and outcomes achievable are limited only by your imagination.

Check out our Art & Inspiration Blog for more information on using Imitation Gold, Silver or Copper Leaf.

Have fun experimenting with the whole range of Mont Marte leaf products.

Note: Not suitable for human consumption.



  • 25 Sheets

  • 14 x 14cm

  • Instructions included


Handy hints:

  • Although Imitation Silver Leaf can be applied to a variety of surfaces, it is not recommended for outdoor use.

  • It may tarnish, so it is advised to seal Imitation Silver Leaf to keep it looking as shiny as possible.

  • Silver leaf is very thin and very light. Turn off all fans and keep the windows closed when you’re working with it.

  • When working with silver leaf, apply it in small sections at a time.

  • Prepare the surface. Sand the surface of the wood or object where you plan on applying the leaf, if required.

  • Apply the Imitation Silver Leaf adhesive, known as size. If you are using over acrylic paint, use a regular water-based size.

  • When using a gilding size, it is best applied with a soft bristle paintbrush.

  • After you apply the adhesive, it is essential to wait until it turns clear and tacky. Generally, this should take between 15 and 30 minutes. However, the time could be shorter or longer depending on the humidity and temperature of the space where you’re working.

  • If you used an oil-based paint or stain, you need to wait for the paint to dry and cure fully before applying your leaf. This can take six months or more.

  • Set the leaf in place. Lift a small piece of leaf gently and place it where it is to be gilded. Take a piece of wax paper or soft cloth to rub the imitation gold leaf into the surface. Apply only slight pressure.

  • Once you place the silver leaf over the adhesive, leave the tissue paper on top to gently tap it down and help the leaf stick. It is OK if there are some wrinkles in the silver. Then, remove the tissue paper and use a a soft cotton cloth to gently smooth out the gold by rubbing across it.

  • Sometimes, you may need two coats of adhesive if there are some areas that haven’t been fully covered with adhesive. In these cases, use a little more adhesive over the bare spots, let it get tacky, and then apply the leaf.

  • Allow drying overnight before buffing to remove excess leaf. Buff the surface gently using a hake brush.

  • Seal the Imitation Silver Leaf. Wait three days before applying a sealant for the size to dry. 

  • When silver leafing is complete, apply two to three coats of All Purpose Sealer if you intend to paint over the leaf, creating an extra barrier for you to paint on.

  • Imitation Silver Leaf should be varnished to prevent tarnishing.

  • Consider wearing a mask when working with silver leaf. As you’re brushing pieces off, the gold can float in the air because of how lightweight it is, which could lead to you inhaling it.

  • In most cases, a water-based size will be the best choice. However, if you’re looking for how to apply silver leaf to an oil painting, you should use an oil-based solvent.



Barcode # 9328577015502
Brand Mont Marte
Shipping Weight 0.0310kg
Shipping Width 0.170m
Shipping Height 0.250m
Shipping Length 0.010m