A Guide to Pinata Alcohol Inks

Author: Art Shed  Date Posted:6 May 2023 

Alcohol inks, like the name suggests, are an alcohol-based ink that is translucent, fast-drying and that can be used on various non-porous surfaces. They are available in a variety of colours and finishes and are great for creating incredible fluid forms. With a variety of techniques and tools, both stunning abstract artworks and realistic renditions of a variety of subjects can be achieved!

Jacquard Pinata Alcohol inks

Piñata Inks are a heavily saturated, vibrant and fast-drying, acid-free alcohol ink for application on a variety of surfaces including non-porous surfaces, such as glass, metal, plastics and ceramics.

These inks are indelible and not affected by water once dry. Piñata alcohol inks are cleaned up with alcohol and you are able to re-wet them with alcohol which in turn allows you to create some super unique fluid effects! 

Piñata Inks are Dye-based and are highly transparent. The outstanding adhesive properties of this ink teamed up with their extremely lightfast dyes used in each colour make it the ideal choice for fluid art techniques on non-porous surfaces.

Piñata Inks can be used on Yupo paper, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, vinyl, stone, with epoxy resin, wood, foil, fibreglass, polymer clay and more!


Claro Extender

Jacquard Piñata Alcohol Ink Clear Extender is specially formulated to use in conjunction with Piñata Alcohol Inks to improve flow and extend colours.

  • Formulated for use with Piñata Alcohol Inks
  • Improves flow of inks and extends colours
  • Available in 118ml and 28ml bottles

When mixing Piñata with Claro Extender, it will stay shiny and not change colour. It extends the drying and working time. Claro is also a transparentizer. Claro dropped or brushed on top of dry Piñata will make it spread, creating rings of marble or stone-like texture. Slight dulling occurs, but most will remain shiny. Just like real stone!

Clean up solution

Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink Clean Up Solution is made for cleaning surfaces prior to painting, or cleaning brushes after painting.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Derivan Isopropyl Alcohol is ideal for getting special effects when using acrylic and alcohol inks, as well as mixed media. Isopropyl can be used as a blending solution or diluting product. It will produce a slightly lighter colour. When sponging this mixture, expect to see tiny bubble-like textures. This is very effective in making background papers and other interesting textural faux effects. Alcohol dropped or brushed on top of dry Piñata removes the shine. This is particularly effective on terracotta surfaces or in faux finishing techniques where shine would detract from the overall effect.


Like any artwork, it is super important to consider the colours you are working with, especially with alcohol inks as the colours will overlap and blend! They can create some really unique and interesting textures and colours, often resulting in images that look like aerial landscapes or even gem stones! For this reason, working in an analogous colour scheme is a good place to start! To learn more about colour theory and harmony head to our blog on the topic here!


Other handy tips & tricks from Jacquard:

To create resists -
Crayons: draw with various colours and apply Piñata.
Wax: following directions from the manufacturer, apply melted wax to fabric. Crinkle the fabric allowing the wax to crack, then apply Piñata. Iron the wax away to create beautiful batik effects.
Gum Arabic: mix gum arabic with water to a heavy cream consistency. Apply this to a rubber stamp or paint it directly onto a surface. Apply Piñata. Gently wash away the gum arabic.

If you're looking for more information, head to our blog An introduction to fluid artwork with Alcohol Inks for more information about our range and what you need to get started with Alcohol Inks.

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Happy creating!




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