Posca PC-5M medium bullet tip is the ‘multi-purpose’ member of the Posca range.

It produces neat and precise lines and is ideal for colouring. The PC-5M is a favorite of both professionals and beginners!

Uni POSCA Markers provide vibrant colors for illustrations and hobbies.

Water-based pigment ink is lightfast and waterproof and writes on virtually any surface - yet does not bleed through paper.

Why you should be using Posca markers

Throughout the whole world, uni-ball is recognized as a superior grade of pen. Uni is a division of the same company that makes markers, and the very best markers they make are called Posca pens.

What is it that makes a Posca marker the right one to choose, though? It depends a bit on what you plan to use it for. One particularly important feature is that they are filled with non-toxic water based ink, which means they're safer for children than many other markers (not that children should ever use any markers without adult supervision, of course).

Next is the technology inside the pen body. It may look like just another marker, but looks can be deceiving. Inside the barrel, all the paint is still liquid. And by that, we mean sloshy liquid that makes waves. Now for the cool part: to help keep the paint from settling and separating, there is a tiny ball inside that moves around when you pick up the marker, and it mixes the paint so you'll always get consistent quality.

Further down the barrel, toward the tip, there is a hidden metal spring coiled inside. This acts as a shock absorber to help protect the tip from being pressed too firmly, and it also helps "prime" the flow of paint out of the pen barrel. This is just the same way that you would prime a water pump, and for the same reason. You get a smooth flow this way, without air bubbles and backups.

Now shift your focus all the way to the tip itself. It's really incredible. The tip can be removed from the marker and rinsed with water. On some models of Posca pens, the tip can also be reversed or replaced with an entirely new tip if it is becoming worn down. Not only does this save you money, it's also really good for the environment because there's less material being thrown away.

Posca marking pens really are a triumph in design technology. Plus they're really excellent at what they're supposed to do, which is why you're going to love them.

Colour range of Posca markers

Posca pens come in a range of colours. As they're water-based markers, there are fewer colour choices than you'd find with the more expensive alcohol based markers, but the colour choices are still pretty amazing. Here's what you can currently select:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Brown
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Light Green

That's just the current line-up. It's possible Uni may release more colours in the future. And yes, we know those descriptions aren't really descriptive enough, but until Uni publishes something like Pantone numbers to match their ink colours, that's the official terminology.

Posca pen tips

Posca markers are designed for professional use, so naturally, the tips also come in a range of sizes for different purposes:

  • PC-1MR: Ultra fine 0.7mm tip for quality line work in graphic design.
  • PC-1M: The most popular size, this 1mm tip is good for both sketching and colouring.
  • PCF-350: A special tapered brush tip that can be used on the point for fine lines, or at a flatter angle for broad colouring strokes.
  • PC-3M: A 1.5mm bullet tip for general sketching work.
  • PC-5M: The 2.5mm bullet tip gives strong confident lines that are great for adding emphasis and shadows to cartoons.
  • PC-8K: An 8mm wedge-shaped chisel tip is excellent for angled strokes and laying down a confident broad stripe of colour. It's a really great marker for making signs or posters.
  • PC-17K: The big cube shaped 15mm tip gives the fattest lines for when your work needs to go large.

There's no wrong answer to the question of which one is the best. They're all great. You should pick the one that's best suited to your task.

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