Jo Sonja 250ml All Purpose Sealer

Jo Sonja's All Purpose Sealer is a surface 'primer' and will seal a wide variety of items in preparation for painting. Pre-priming with All Purpose Sealer or Gesso will ensure good paint adhesion and will prevent moisture loss into absorbent surfaces.

All Purpose Sealer can be used in replacement of Gesso on items that require sealing without 'tooth' or opaque colour.

Suitable items for sealing include; wood, MDF, cardboard, paper, canvas, metal, unglazed bisque and terracotta (it is best to test for suitable adhesion on unusual surfaces).

All-Purpose Sealer will assist adhesion to some plastics, soaps and wide candles where flames will not come in contact with the design.

A light sanding is recommended to promote the adhesion of paint to any of these surfaces. 

Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer makes an excellent glue to adhere decoupage, gift wrap, or fabric to wood and other surfaces.

Note: All Purpose Sealer is a primer or sealer, not a finishing varnish. If used as a varnish it may become tacky in warm weather and cause surfaces to stick together. 



  • 250ml Bottle with flip cap

  • Versatile sealing product to protect your artwork

  • Can be used on wooden painting boards, raw timber, clay sculptures, decor pieces and more.

  • Can be used on metal, but this sealer does not inhibit rust


Handy hints:

  • Shake well before use.

  • Do not dilute, use at full strength.

  • Use two coats for best results.

  • When using as a primer, once applied, allow to set sand lightly before applying paint over the top.

  • To use as a finish: apply thinly with a soft brush, wait for the first coat to dry comepletely before applying the second coat.

  • Can be used to seal raw timber before painting.

  • Maximum adhesion develops slowly under normal conditions, for humid climate allow more time for setting.

  • Clean up with soap and water.



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