Gedeo Latex 1L

Concentrated formula based on natural rubber.

It can be used to mould simple and complicated shapes, small and large thinner items and masks

To make a mould, Latex can be brushed over an object/surface in multiple layers or alternately an object can be dipped in Latex.

Gedeo Latex Instructions for Use:

Embossing by brush to produce masks or low relief moulds:

  1. apply an even layer

  2. allow to dry (you can accelerate this with a hairdryer)

  3. build repeated coats until you have at least 2mm thick covering

  4. on wide moulding use plaster strips to hold the mould shell


  1. dilute 50/50 with water

  2. dip the object in the mixture for 1 minute

  3. remove and drain

  4. repeat until a coat of 1.5 - 2mm is built up

  5. allow to dry completely (12 hours) before removing Gedeo Latex coating from object by turning inside out (rolling the Latex back)

  6. dust with talcum powder before turning it back the right way

Casting recommendation:

  • coat the interior of the mould with Demoulding Vaseline before filling with resin


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