Copic Original Markers

These Markers are the original line of COPIC high quality illustrating tools used worldwide by professional designers.

Copic markers are the ultimate double-ended marker for designers and artists.

Refillable ink and replaceable nibs makes these markers the most versatile tools for rendering and drawing.

With its outstanding performance and creative versatility, the COPIC Marker System provides the ultimate solution to design flexibility and artistic liberty.



Art Shed is the place to buy Copic markers

Every professional sketch artist knows the quality of Copic markers for producing fantastic results in full glorious colour. And those colours really are stunning – you have to see them to truly understand, as words alone can not do justice.

Art Shed is Australia's number one supplier of art materials, providing every day low prices on the best brands and equipment. We're also a great source of advice, and we frequently run tutorials and workshops, many of which you can sign up for right here. Everything you need for your art, you can find it at Art Shed.

Copic is our choice of artist's marker because they're just superior quality compared to everything else on the market that's affordable. Let's just take a moment to make it clear that you can do things with Copic markers cheap pens can't even get close to achieving, and yet they're not priced out of reach.

In fact, even if you don't have the money to buy your Copic pens right now, you can still get them right now by using our AfterPay service. This allows you 8 weeks to pay back the purchase cost in easy fortnightly repayments, and best of all they're interest-free.

What makes Copic sketch markers so great?

We've already said a lot of things about Copic markers being a good choice, but the information above is mostly anecdotal. So it's time to take a cold, hard, unopinionated look at the technical specifications that make the Copic markers a stand out among the competition.

First, they are filled with high-quality alcohol-based ink which is fast drying and durable. The ink itself comes in a range of vibrant colours, and once it's dry, it won't run, fade, or wash out easily. The colours even can stand up to the ravages of strong sunlight if the exposure is not too constant. The marker is refillable, making it more economical and environmentally friendly than disposables.

Then there's the undeniable styling of the marker body itself. Designed for a comfortable grip and good tactile feedback, it is a tool that produces fine craftsmanship. Each end of the marker body features a different tip. One end has a wide wedge-shaped stylus for making broad, bold strokes, while the other end is a fine point for getting that precise detail which can lift the image to a higher plane of awesomeness.

At under $10 each, they're definitely a great value buy, and you'll find at least 72 different colours to choose from. It's no wonder Copic is the professional choice, and coincidentally the brand we stock at Art Shed.

Buy your Copic markers now

There's no need to wait. You can order your Copic markers right here online, quickly and easily. We have a secure online payment area where you can pay for your goods, or select AfterPay to buy now and pay later. We're cool either way, and we'll ship your products right to your door as soon as your order is processed.

To take advantage of AfterPay, you'll need to buy at least $70 worth of products, but with so many great products on offer at Art Shed, you'll definitely be tempted to buy as much as you can afford. AfterPay just helps make it more affordable.

You can find all your art supplies at Art Shed, and simplify the way you shop. Give it a try and see how easy it is. You'll love it, and you'll get the things you need with so much less effort and expense.

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