The Colour Changing Magic of Chameleon Markers

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:18 June 2021 

Chameleon creates professional artist quality markers and fine liners that are perfect for creative kids, beginners, students, accomplished artists and design professionals. With Chameleon, you can create stunning colour gradients, alongside creating shading, depth, dimension, shadows and highlights in your drawings. Chameleons extensive range of Markers and Fineliners work best on paper, illustration board and cardstock designed for alcohol inks. Wondering what the difference between Chameleon’s markers are, and how to use them? Keep reading to discover more about this incredible range.


Chameleon Color Tone Pens

Chameleon Pens are much more than a normal marker - they give you the power to change colour and bring simplicity to your art. Create simple, seamless, colour gradations, depth, dimension, highlights, shading and shadows…all with one pen! Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection. Chameleon pens are permanent on most surfaces, including paper, canvas, textiles, ceramics, wood, card, clay, glass, plastic and stone. Built to last, Chameleon Pens have nearly twice as much ink as a regular marker pen, and when the colour in your pens is no longer full strength, or the toning medium doesn’t leave the mixing chamber, you can replace it with Chameleons 25ml refills! The nibs are also replaceable and easy to change. They are best stored flat (horizontally) to ensure the ink distributes evenly and doesn’t settle.


  • Dual-ended with a Super soft replaceable Japanese Brush Nib and Durable Japanese Bullet Nib
  • Refillable pen with professional quality alcohol ink
  • Refillable Mixing Chamber filled with Toning Medium
  • Replaceable Mixing Chamber Nib
  • Refillable Inks 
  • Replaceable Nibs
  • Permanent on Most Surfaces (including fabrics, glass, plastic and wood).
  • Compatible with all other Alcohol-Based Pens and Inks
  • Acid-free, non-Toxic and Low Odour
  • Ideal for All Paper Crafts, Manga, Graphic and Fine Art

How to use chameleon pens

  1. Attach the mixing chamber- Hold the pen in a vertical position. Gently place the Mixing Chamber onto the nib so the two nibs touch
  2. Infuse the Toning Medium- Keeping the pen in a vertical position, hold and fuse in the Mixing Chamber for as long as you need to (10-20 seconds is a good guideline. The longer the fuse, the longer the gradient)
  3. The nib changes colour- remove the pen from the mixing Chamber
  4. Create seamless colour gradients- Colour in a side-to-side motion, working from light to dark for a perfectly seamless blend.

Available in Individual pens, as well as in a range of stunning sets.

Chameleon Color Tops

Add Chameleon Color Tops to your Chameleon Pens to get over 1000 colour blending combinations. Simply pop a Chameleon Color Top on top of a Chameleon Pen. Rather than blending two colours on the page, blend colours at the source (nib), for beautiful, smooth and seamless colour to colour blends. Even contrasting colours can be blended together seamlessly. Color Tops are also refillable with high-quality alcohol ink, and have replaceable Mixing Chamber Nibs.

How to use Chameleon Colour Tops

1.Attach the Colour Top- Take the Mixing Chamber off your Chameleon Pen, making sure the cap is still firmly on. Then, pop the Colour Top in its place.

2.Infuse the Colour- Hold the pen vertically so ink flows down into the nib. Infuse for as long as you want to.

3.The nib changes colour- when you take the Colour Top off, the tip of your Chameleon Pen nib will have changed to the Colour Top Ink colour.

4.Create Colour to Colour Blends- Colour in a side-to-side motion, working from colour to colour for a perfectly seamless blend.


TIP: Chameleon’s Color & Blending Systems are the perfect introductory set, allowing you to create magnificent colour gradations and blending with the collection of markers and colour tops. Each pack can create over 50 tones and blends. This system is perfect for professionals through to beginners, students, crafters and kids, and great for creating portraits, nature designs, architecture and more! Each set includes 6 Chameleon Markers, 5 Chameleon Colour Tops and 1 Chameleon Mixing Chamber.

Chameleon Fineliners

Chameleon Fineliners work just like a traditional fineliner, but with a twist! Chameleon Fineliners have a patented dual ink system, with ink in the pen and in the cap. The magic element to these unique pens is that you can use them to instantly blend colours by simply switching the cap over to another pen and leaving it for a few seconds to create colour gradients. These fineliners are ideal for a variety of uses, including intricate drawing, writing, colouring and are perfect for bullet journaling and for planners as the ink won’t bleed through most papers.


  • 0.3mm metal clad Japanese tips
  • Both the cap and pen is filled with pigmented water-based, dry safe ink
  • Ergonomic design

How to use Chameleon Fineliners:

  1. Hold your fineliner in a vertical position. Gently place a different colour cap on top, clicking shut
  2. To blend colours, keep the fineliner in a vertical position for desired blending time.
  3. The nib changes colour. Remove the pen from the cap. To stack multiple colours, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  4. Colour to your heart's content!