How to paint fruit using watercolour paint

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:22 April 2022 

Our friends at Mont Marte have done it again with another fantastic, beginner-friendly and easy to follow watercolour painting tutorial, this time focusing on how to create bold and colourful paintings of fruit on watercolour paper

This is a great introduction to creating a vibrant still life with watercolour, the tools and techniques can be applied to any type of watercolour painting.

In this tutorial, Mont Marte talks you through how to paint a watermelon, a pear and a banana. For this you’ll need:


Cotton Watercolour Paper Premium 300gsm A4 5 Sheets

This artist quality watercolour paper is made from 100% cotton, giving you the perfect surface for your artworks. Each sheet features minimal shrinkage, even paint absorption and 300gsm thickness which makes it ideal for watercolour, gouache and ink.

  • 5 loose sheets
  • 300gsm
  • Acid-free
  • Rough tooth paper
  • Suitable for watercolour paints and pencils, gouache and ink
  • Professional quality paper made from 100% cotton
  • Cotton fibres result in minimal shrinkage
  • Sized on both sides and internally to provide consistent paint absorption
  • Resistant to pilling


Watercolour Half Pan Set Premium 22pc

Mont Marte Watercolour Half Pan Set comes with 24 brilliant watercolours and is the ideal set for a beginner through to a professional artist. The selection of colours in this handy case are robust and are well layed out within the palette for ease of colour mixing.

This watercolour set is a very portable size and could fit comfortably in your back pocket

The plastic box is well made and features expandable mixing palettes which are integrated into the lid of the set, there is also space to store a sponge, ceramic water well and a small water brush.


Artist Watercolour Traditional Premium Mop 2

These brushes are ideal for washes as they lay large areas of colour quickly due to their large belly. 

Ideal for water colour. 

Can also be used as a blending brush for oil colour. 

Soft, natural bristles provide a subtle, even surface texture in any medium.

These brushes are made with mixed bristles - 50% Pony Hair, 50% Taklon

You'll also need a 2H pencil 


In this tutorial, Mont Marte talks you through how to paint an orange, a strawberry and an avocado using their premium watercolour tube paints. Perfect for practising your watercolour skills or for creating a bold and beautiful artwork for your home!


You’ll need:

Premium watercolour paint set

These high-quality watercolour paint sets feature premium quality pigments, excellent tinting strength and allow for great transparency.

With Mont Marte Premium Watercolour paint in your toolbox you can create a range of effects and techniques using the range of highly pigmented and mixable colours.

Cotton Watercolour Paper Premium 300gsm A4 5 Sheets

A 2H Pencil

Paint palette


Watercolour brush set


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Got questions? Send us an email at and our friendly team of artists will do their best to assist you. 

Happy creating!


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