Perfect Painters Presents for Christmas!

Know an artist who loves to paint? Need to buy them a gift for Xmas, but unsure where to start? Our team have put together a list of Christmas gift ideas that we ourselves (as artists) would love to receive for Christmas. We've covered every budget and level of experience so picking a gift is stress-free. Just find out whether they paint with oil, acrylic or watercolour - and we've done the rest!

See what we recommend below...


For The Oil Obsessed


Mabef Palettes

Mabef MDF Palettes are good quality and suitable for painting with acrylic and oil paints. They are sturdy enough for regular studio use and are made in Italy to the highest standards. The range of palettes is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed artists, making them a perfect gift. 


Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint Access set - 20 x 12ml

Winsor and Newton is a known and trusted brand among artists - so it is likely your oil-loving friend will love this gift!
Their Winton Oil Colour is excellent value and perfect for everyday artists, students and beginners learning how to use oil.
Each tube of Winton Oil Paint has a high level of pigmentation to provide solid coverage and mix ability. 



Van Gogh Oil Paint Primary Colour Mixing Set 5 x 40ml

Van Gogh Oil Paints have been developed for artists who are searching for quality and exceptional value. With good to excellent lightfastness, the colours remain powerful and brilliant over time. These pure-pigment paints are formulated using pure linseed oil, with the exception of Zinc White and Titanium White which are ground in safflower oil. In addition to the lively colours, you’ve also chosen high quality oil colours. The fineness, the colour intensity, the high content of pigment and durability contribute to the ultimate expression of your inspiration.



Mont Marte Paint Brush Set - Oil Brushes In Wooden Box 7pc

This Mont Marte Paint Brush Set - Oil Brushes In Wooden Box 7pc is a great introductory set to professional quality brushes.  The 2-tone 0.1mm Taklon bristle is strong enough to use with oil paints and heavy-bodied acrylics.
These brushes offer a smooth finish and come in a great range of sizes and shapes. Their presentation in a wooden box makes them a quality gift. 



Mont Marte Studio Series - Palette Knife Set 5pce (Stainless Steel)

This Stainless Steel Palette knife set by Mont Marte is an essential studio accessory. Featuring 5 great-sized and shaped steel palette knives allowing the flexibility to mix paint on various scales and apply paint with the knives to achieve different textures and results - great for oil artists! 


Mont Marte Oil Medium - Refined Linseed Oil 125ml

Mont Marte Refined Linseed Oil can be added to Oil Paints to increase the flow and transparency of the paint, while also slowing down the drying process.

This medium is a mid-viscosity oil paint medium and is a great choice for artists looking to create glazes or to create wet on wet techniques.




For The Acrylic Addict


Art Spectrum Painting Knife

It is likely your artist friend will have a lot of paint brushes, so if you want something a little out of the ordinary, gift them these Art Spectrum Painting Knives. They are high-quality professional Palette Knives for paint mixing and paint application. Made in Europe with hand-ground hardened steel blades in a black burnished finish, and with an Olive wood handle, it is held together with a polished brass ferrule. Sounds fancy, but simply, they’re a great gift. 



Mont Marte Paint Set - Dimension Acrylic Paint 36pc x 37ml

Mont Marte Signature Paint Set - Acrylic Paint 48pc x 36ml Tubes paint is a high-viscosity, fine art paint that offers artists a new “dimension” in painting (see what we did there!). This acrylic's ultra-thick consistency can be applied with a brush, palette knife or shaper to create especially exaggerated texture effects. It then dries hard and holds its shape while still maintaining flexibility and smooth flowability.



Mont Marte Taklon Abstract Expression Paintbrush

The Mont Marte Abstract Expression Brush is perfect for every type of painter but less traditional than the long thin paint brushes we’re used to.Using a Taklon Abstract Brush can help artists produce fluid expressive strokes, and sharp edges, covering larger areas on the canvas and is amazing for blending. The short, robust Taklon bristles enable each artist to manipulate even the thickest mediums such as heavy-bodied acrylics.Mont Marte Abstract Brushes come in 25mm, 55mm and 75mm for your freedom of choice.



Can Lie Flat Beech Wood Mont Marte Floor Easel

Mont Marte Floor Easel - Tilting Studio Easel w/Castor Wheels is an extremely versatile easel suitable for artists producing large-scale artworks having the holding capacity for art works of upto 207cm! Best of all this Mont Martes easel has another great feature, is its ability to tilt completely flat making it easy to be used for watercolours, pastels, gesso, varnish, and glazes, an artist dream!




Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint

This is a high-quality artist's acrylic that is widely loved and internationally exhibited professionally. 
Being Australian-made and owned, makes it even better in our eyes. ‘Structure’ means it has a rich, buttery texture, perfect for thick application and creating texture. It can be used straight from the tube or thinned with mediums from the Matisse range, while still holding it’s vibrantly pigmented colours. Choose their favourite colour, or yours, and if you’re still stuck, go for white as it is the most popular colour. 


Mont Marte Acrylic Medium - Impasto 500ml

Impasto is a medium that artists use to add expressive qualities like texture or brush strokes to their work. It is clear drying so it can be painted over, or the colour can be mixed in with Impasto directly before application and will not change the effect of the final colour. Because Impasto is a water-based medium it cannot be mixed with oils but it can be painted over with oils once left to dry. Get impasto as a gift for an acrylic lover who loves to play with texture. 



For The Watercolour Wizards

Watercolour: Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner

This is the perfect book for anyone with an interest in learning how to paint with watercolours!

Professional illustrator and art teacher Paul Clark showcases this beautiful medium in a deeply illustrated book. Great for people who would like to enjoy Watercolour painting, but don't attempt to because they believe they can't paint or simply don't know where to begin.


Mabef M31 Oil/Watercolour Table Easel

Every artist needs an easel regardless of skill level, easels are one fo the main tools used to hold your chosen piece and give you best control, weather it be canvas or water colour pad.

Our  Mabef M31 Oil/Watercolour Table Easel is a robust easel made from oiled, stain-resistant, Beechwood that can adjust to lay completly horitontal and hold canvases up to 100cm with a maximum loading capacity of 2.7Kg making it a fantastic gift choice for any artist.



Derwent Watercolour Pencils

Watercolour pencils are a fantastic introduction to the medium, and they’re a little easier to use than paints.
An exciting and versatile colouring medium which can be used to produce an interesting variety of drawing and painting effects. The soft 3.5mm diameter colour strip incorporates quality pigments and the purest fillers to produce a very water-soluble medium.

Derwent makes these great wet or dry watercolour pencils that are soft in texture and easy to blend and layer.
They also keep their full intensity however you use them. 



Art Spectrum Glazed Porcelain Flower Palette

One of Art Shed's favourite pallets to suggest when working with watercolours is this beautieful Art Spectrum Glazed Porcelain palette. Made out of a nice heavy glazed porcelain and having a good depth makes mixing Watercolours and paints nice and easy whilst also being effortless to clean, ideal when working with colours, inks and acrylics.

The palette is sturdy and weighty, so will not move around when in use, and its porcelain construction makes it a durable.
Avaible in two size options Art Spectrum Glazed Porcelain Flower Palette 15.3cm or  12cm a delightful addition to any artist’s studio.



Neef Mahogany Kazan Series 2013 Premium Synthetic Soft Bristle Brush

Neef proudly introduces its own new development KAZAN synthetic.
Not only do they have the softness and suppleness of a natural squirrel but we feel they completely outperform them. Perfect for use with watercolour paints and as a gift for animal-conscious friends. 



Derwent Inktense 24 Pan Ink / Watercolour Paint Travel Set

The Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Studio Set has the unique Inktense formulation found in our pencil and block ranges. Unlike traditional watercolour, washes of vivid paint can be applied without dissolving previously dried layers. Ideal for use in a studio, this set contains 24 highly lightfast Inktense paint pans, a waterbrush, a sponge and a removable five well mixing palette. Inktense is suitable for use on paper, fabric and other surfaces for a wide range of art and craft projects. The perfect mix of 24 traditional and bright colours with both Ink Black and White.

Included in this wonderful set:


  • 24 x highly lightfast Inktense paint pans

  • 1 x waterbrush

  •  1 x sponge

  • 1 x removable five well mixing palette



Any of these great products will be sure to put a smile on your special perosn's dial, if you would like some more suggestions or would like more product knowledge dont hesitate to ask one of our helpful team members. Or if you like you can also purchase a Art Shed Gift Card and give them the gift of choice. 


Remember here at Art Shed online we always love to see your creations so please tag us on Instagram @artshedonline or simply send us an email at with any questions, we are always happy to hear from you.

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