A guide to MABEF easels

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:24 February 2022 

Mabef has been producing the finest quality artist easels for more than 70 years.
Their solid, functional and durable craftsmanship means a product second to none. 
The simplicity in design has the artist’s needs at the forefront. No complicated mechanisms allow you to get straight to the creating process with the assurance of the best, long-lasting performance from your tools. The easels are made from sustainably grown beechwood. With the wood waste from production used to make other artist products, such as palettes. This all goes to the resourcefulness and environmentally conscious nature of the brand.

The range of easels on offer span from desk easels, such as the M14 Basic Table Easel , all the way up to this M02 Double Mast Crank Easel , or even the M30 Painting Workstation.

Let’s have a look at some of the range in more detail.


The M14 is a great option for small to medium-sized desktop works. You can adjust the working angle via wing nuts and hold canvases up to 60cm with a loading capacity of 2.5kg.


The M17 SUPER is a similar desktop easel to the M14. Both are tilt adjustable with the same loading capacity. However, the M17 canvas holder is also adjustable via a simple ratchet control.


The M34 Display Table Easel  as the name suggests is great for display purposes with its flat backing and ratchet adjustable tilt. It is capable of holding a 5kg load and folds to a flat working surface. The extendable mast allows it to hold canvas up to 54cm.


The M31 Oil/Watercolour Table Easel allows you that extra workability, with a maximum canvas height of 100cm and a loading capacity of 2.7kg.

The variable height adjustment even lets you go below tabletop level, with non-slip rubberised feet for extra traction. With up to 90 degree adjustable tilt, this easel is great for use with watercolour.


The M29 Basic Tripod Field Easel is great for working on uneven terrain, with individually adjustable leg heights and a pivoting canvas holder that can be adjusted to any angle between vertical and horizontal. This easel holds canvas up to 115cm high and 72cm wide.


 The M-26 Travel Field Easel has all the versatility of a field easel with the added bonus of an adjustable art panel. This is great for working with watercolour or pastel paper, or for sketching and display purposes.

The workable canvas height is adjusted by wing nuts, up to a maximum of just over 100cm.


The M23 Small Sketch Box Easel has adjustable tripod legs connected to a robust beechwood box body with a tin lined, compartmented sliding draw. The adjustable canvas holder height takes up to 85cm canvases, with a load capacity of 8kg.

It also comes with a foldable palette and collapses down to a carry box with leather straps for backpacking on the go.


The M13 Basic Lyre Studio Easel  is a great simple option for working with larger canvas. The adjustable sliding canvas holder and shelf allows for canvas up to 125cm tall and a loading capacity of 10kg.


The M20 Plus Deluxe Lyre Display easel retains the same features as the M13 but gives you the breathing room of working with canvas up to 140cm tall.

The LYRE EASELS fold flat for easy storage between use.


The M10 Basic Studio Easel is quite a popular model of floor easel. It has an adjustable working angle and canvas height up to 108cm.  The easel also folds down for flat, compact storage.


The M06 Deluxe Tilting Studio Easel is fitted with a simple to adjust, no-collapsible ratchet control canvas holder with an extendable center pole. The easel holds canvases up to 240cm with a maximum canvas weight of 30kg, making this a great option for working on larger scale works.

The large storage tray is perfect to hold your brushes and supplies and the castors and levelling bolts make it easy to move around, and secure when needed.


The M04 Studio Easel has a built-in crank mechanism, which allows you to adjust your working height with ease. This is a very handy feature when working on larger works, as this easel allows for canvas up to 235cm and a loading capacity of 32kg. An adjustable working angle, castor wheels and levelling bolts makes larger projects much more accessible with the M04. It also has 2 storage drawers within the canvas shelf, ideal for storing away brushes, paints and the like.


The M02 Double Mast Easel is the crem-de la crem of crank easels. It has all the amazing features of the M02 but with the added bonus of a double mast, which allows you to work on two canvases of different sizes at once, or on a very large canvas. Maximum working dimensions are 1m by 235cm with a loading capacity of 40kg. Go large with confidence with the MABEF M02.


Also of note are the Mabef M100 and M101 Wooden Storage Boxes.

They both have a tin lined, customizable drawer with adjustable compartments and come with a wooden palette. They are 20cm by 30cm and 25cm by 35cm respectively, with sliding and adjustable canvas supports so you can work straight in the box. A leather handle makes for comfortable handling on the go.

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Happy creating!


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