How to choose your paint palette

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:7 April 2022 

Keen to start painting but not sure which palette is the right one for your project?

With so many different palette options available it can be overwhelming to select the best one for you, so we’ve created a guide to the different types of Mont Marte Palettes to help you on your creative journey. Let’s dive in!

Mont Marte Palette - Round Plastic 17cm

Here we have the 17cm round plastic palette, consisting of 10 small wells for mixing colour and 1 large central well for diluting your paint.

Alternatively, the Signature Aluminium Round Palette is an ultra-durable palette suitable for all types of paint. Its smooth aluminium surface makes it quick and easy to clean off with water.

The small size of these palettes makes them easy to handle and great for individual student use as you can distribute the paint colours into each of the small wells.

These palettes are typically used for acrylic and watercolour painting. Both the plastic and Aluminium options are easy to clean up with water.


Mont Marte Palette - Oval Plastic

The Oval plastic palette is made from heavy-duty plastic, consisting of 5 large wells and 12 small wells.

It features a traditional style with a thumb hole for easy handling.

The Large wells are great for mixing larger volumes of paint and there are 3 convenient brush holes to rest brushes in when not in use. This palette is also used mainly for acrylic and watercolour painting.

Mont Marte Palette - Deep 6 Well Plastic

The Deep Well Palette is constructed from heavy-duty plastic and is suitable for use with acrylic, gouache or watercolour paints.

The deep wells allow a greater volume of paint to be mixed when painting large areas. This is a MUST HAVE in the studio or in the classroom.

Mont Marte Palette - Oval White Acrylic 

The Oval Acrylic Palette is a plastic palette in the shape of a traditional kidney design palette. This style of palette fits comfortably in your hand for prolonged use and the plastic material makes it easy to mix on and suitable for all water-based paints.

It comes in both a 23 x 30cm and a 30 x 40cm size.

Mont Marte Palette - Oval Wood

The Oval wood palette is a traditional Kidney Shaped Palette, offering easy handling and comfort during extended painting sessions.

For best results, rub it down with linseed oil to season the wood and provide a repellent surface. This will make the palette easier to clean at a later date. This palette is most commonly used for oil paint. To clean you can scrape away your remaining paint or wipe down with a rag while the paint is still wet.

Mont Marte Palette - Easy Clean 30 x 40cm

This Easy Clean Wood Palette is laminated with a stain-resistant surface to make clean-up a breeze.

It’s made from warp-resistant hardwood so your paints won't drip off the surface.

The thumbhole provides the easy handling ability of a traditional style palette. But is slightly larger and rectangular, unlike the oval wood palette. This palette is one of the most popular options for oil painters, however the laminate surface also makes it suitable for oils and acrylics too.

Mont Marte Palette - Tear Off 36 Sheet

The Tear Off Paper Palette consists of 36 sheets of wax-coated paper.

It has a thumbhole, which allows easy handling and is glued on 3 sides to reduce the movement of the sheets.

Clean up is made easy by simply tearing off the sheet and throwing it away when you’re done, making it great for oil painters and artists working with heavy-bodied acrylics.


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