How to paint clouds using oil paint

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:22 April 2022 

Our friends at Mont Marte have done it again with another fantastic, beginner-friendly oil painting tutorial, this time focusing on how to paint fluffy, realistic clouds.

This is a great introduction to painting clouds, and the tools and techniques can be applied to many landscape paintings. 

You will need:

Canvas: Double Thick Canvas Premium 91.4 x 121.8cm (36 x 48in)

Mont Marte Professional Oil Paint 

Available in a range of beautiful and vibrant colours, Mont Marte Oils feature high-quality lightfast pigments and a smooth, buttery consistency. These premium oil paints boast excellent covering power, tinting strength and are great for colour mixing. 

Oil paint has been regarded as a fine art medium for hundreds of years, and for good reason. It differs to Acrylic paint in that it has a much slower drying time than acrylics, allowing you to manipulate the paint over several painting sessions, and also allows subtle colour blending, layering and various brush techniques. Oil Paint also dries to a consistent colour, whereas acrylics may darken slightly upon drying, and offers long term durability and resistance to the elements.



Abstract Expression Brush - 75mm

Brush Wallet Set Premium 15pce

This brush set is an amazing tool for any painter. This premium quality set features 15 premium Taklon and hog bristle brushes, including:

Taklon brushes: liner 3/0, round #1, filbert #2, round #3, filbert #4, flat #6, round #6, flat #8, filbert #9, angled #10 and wash #11

Hog bristle brushes: Filbert #8, flat #10, fan #4, wide 5/4 inches


Medium: Thickened Linseed Oil 125ml

Mont Marte Thickened Linseed Oil is a thick and syrupy consistency and can be added to oil paint to increase the flow and reduce brush stroke retention on the canvas.


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Happy creating!


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