Back to School: EASY DIY Tote Bag Design

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:5 January 2022 


Get even more excited to get back into the classroom with your new DIY tote bag!

All you will need is a pack of Mont Marte Dual Tip Fabric Markers & a fabric bag of your choice!


You will need:

  • A cotton tote bag
  • Mont Marte Dual Tip Fabric Markers: This set comes with 24 eye-catching and vibrant colours! With dual ends, you can create fine line details and flip to the 5mm tip to colour big surfaces. The Water-based, non-toxic ink makes for an easy cleanup. Whether you’re decking out your new shoes or designing a catchy tote bag, these dual-tip fabric markers are sure to turn heads. The dual tip doubles your drawing capabilities with a fine 2mm for fine details, broad 5mm tip for colouring larger areas.
  • A cup
  • Iron
  • A piece of cardboard to place inside the bag while drawing


How to draw designs on your tote bag in 8 easy steps - Adorable Orange Designs

Step one: Grab your tote bag

Step two: Place a piece of cardboard inside the bag. You can cut up an old box for this

Step three: grab your Mont Marte dual-tip fabric markers

Step four: Using a cup, flip it upside down and use the orange marker to trace a circle. You can add as many circles as you like to the bag, this will become the oranges.

Step five: colour in the orange circles with the orange marker

Step six: draw leaves onto the orange circles using the leaf green marker.

Step seven: iron the bag to set the drawing using the instructions provided on the marker set.

Step Eight: Go to school and show off your new bag!

Voila! You have your very own personalised tote bag, perfect for transporting school supplies, books and so much more!

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Happy creating!

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