How to seal Air Dry Clay

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:19 January 2022 

Once your Air Dry Clay Sculpture is complete, be sure to seal it to protect it from the elements. Keep reading to discover how

Congrats! You've made your very first Air Dry Clay piece. Now your piece has fully dried, there are a number of ways to seal Air Dry Clay to protect the integrity of your sculpture. The team at Mont Marte have put together a very handy video tutorial on how to seal your piece (watch the video above).

OPTION 1: A great DIY/ Homemade sealer option is mixing PVA glue and water. In a bowl, mix a ratio of 80% PVA glue to 20% water to create a creamy consistency, and then coat your fully dried clay piece, and allow the sealer mixture to dry. 

OPTION 2: You can also apply an acrylic medium in gloss, or matte to seal your piece. We recommend the Mont Marte Acrylic Medium - Matte or Mont Marte Acrylic Medium - Gloss

Once you have applied your PVA glue mixture or acrylic medium, you can then apply 3 coats of acrylic paint to seal your work. This is also a great way to apply colour. Simply apply 3 layers of acrylic paint to your dried clay piece, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. 


SEALING TIP: Use a Flat Taklon bristle brush to evenly coat your clay piece with Paint or Sealer. Taklon brushes are typically far more smooth in application than an animal hairbrush and will leave a nice even coat of sealer. 


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Happy creating!

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