How to create your very own Christmas Cards with foil techniques!

Author: Tessa Maddock  Date Posted:16 November 2022 

DIY Christmas card ideas with special foil techniques


Sick of the same old Christmas cards you see everywhere? Why not make your own?! We've put together this DIY Christmas Card tutorial with special foil techniques to add that razzle dazzle to your gift giving this season! We've even put together THREE special bundle with everything you need to create these gift cards! Check out the links below:

Christmas Card DIY Decorating Set with Gold Leaf

Christmas Card DIY Decorating Set with Silver Leaf

Christmas Card DIY Decorating Set with Copper Leaf


1. First things first - come up with a design you'd like to create.

I chose a classic Christmas bauble for this card! I sketched out a circle in grey lead pencil then I took the Sakura Gelly Roll Pen Metallic - Copper and drew a ribbon and a few stars to give my design a few grounding points. Then I sketched out a larger star and a Christmas tree to add the Mont Marte Copper Leaf 14 x 14cm 25 Sheet to. I then added the Mont Marte Adhesive - Leafing Size 60ml carefully with the smallest brush from Mont Marte Discovery Paint Brush Set - 3pc

Make sure you wait 25 minutes for the leafing size to become tacky! Then I carefully laid down a sheet of the copper leaf over the area where the leafing size is applied.


2. Now it's time to brush away the leafing and reveal your design!

Using a larger brush from the Mont Marte Discovery Paint Brush Set - 3pc brush away any excess leafing. I also had some leftover watercolour washes on paper that I decided to cut out to add some extra detail. I also added the copper leaf to these cut out shapes and glued them to the card with Mont Marte Adhesive - PVA Craft Glue 1L



3. Fill in your design with additional hand drawn elements

Once the craft glue is dry I went ahead and started filling in the negative space on the Christmas bauble design with the Sakura Gelly Roll Pen Metallic - Copper I chose to do a variety of different shaped and sized stars to fill in the space. I accidentally glued an extra bit of copper leafing down so I covered that up with a nice big star too :) I also then went back over the ribbon to thicken up the lines.



4. Admire your stunning artwork and get gifting!!

Following this same style I created a green and silver gift card. They go together so well! I'm not giving them away, could you blame me!? Ok I might give away a few...

These handmade Christmas cards add a special touch to any gift giving and it's a great way of showing of your crafty skills and getting extra brownie points. It's super fun and you'll be leafing everything in no time! Will you try this project?

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