Acrylic Paint Markers explained (with Art Shed expert, Kirrah!)

Date Posted:11 January 2023 

Kirrah is our retail team leader, demo master and arty all-rounder. We've asked Kirrah to answer some FAQs about Acrylic Paint Markers and what her recommendations are for your next art project. 

See what she recommends: 

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Markers: 
The Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Markers are unlike other brands because of their dual-tip nib options. These unique sets have a broad and a fine tip so it can be used in a variety of artworks for detailed elements as well as large expanses.

They also have some awesome sets with a range of colours, allowing for more variation!

If you aren't interested in the dual-tip nibs, there is a large variety of broad-tip paint pen sets that might be perfect for your next creation with metallic and portrait-themed options.

The cool thing about these pens is that they can be varnished with a liquid and won’t smudge, unlike some brands that require a spray sealer. Their opaque, vibrant colours make them a favourite of mine and at such an affordable cost, they are definitely a must-try!

Posca Markers:
Posca is a very well-known brand with a variety of vibrant and opaque colour options. They also have an assortment of nibs that allow for very fine, detailed linework all the way up to wide chisel tip nibs and can be purchased individually to top up your favourites.

The new Mop’r Marker is awesome for large-scale artworks and bold lines. The round, stamp-like nib allows you to experiment with drips, stamps and wide linework that is all the same thickness and is great for large-scale artworks.

All posca ink is water-based and suitable for almost any surface but I would recommend using a spray varnish as opposed to a liquid-based sealer to ensure there is no movement of the ink. There is nothing worse than putting lots of time and effort into an artwork and it all smudges at the end when you varnish it.

Pen Touch Permanent:
This quick dry, permanent and opaque marker will make an excellent addition to your marker collection. The Pen Touch paint pens are perfect for a variety of surfaces including glass, wood, porcelain, plastic, paper and metal.

Their archival ink makes them lightfast and long-lasting allowing for the opportunity to use them on outside sculptures and pots as well as canvases and sketching. 

Sakura has some lovely colour options like gold, silver and copper as well as fluoro red, yellow pink and orange.

Another awesome pen touch marker is the UV bullet pen. It is invisible blue ink but will light up any project under a black light, making this little pen a permanent resident in my pencil case as a secret little additive to my creations.

Liquitex Acrylic Marker:
The Liquitex paint marker is a water-based acrylic ink that is lightfast and permanent. Using a proven ball and pump valve system to optimize paint mixing and flow, these markers make it easy to get an even and opaque coverage depending in the colour and transperancy shown on the barrel of the pen.

Available in a choice of 4mm and 15mm sizes, the chiselled nib shape provides the flexibility to achieve multiple line thicknesses and have replaceable nibs to ensure you always have clean and precise lines.

Liquitex have a HUGE range of colours, all matching their Heavy Body Acrylics and Acrylic spray paint range, making these perfect for pairing up colours and creating a cohesive artwork. 

Their large range of colours also make them a go-to for more unique tones such as raw umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, unbleached titanium and our colour of the year,  Medium Magenta!


So there you go! Head to our DRAWING page to see what is available, or head in-store to chat with Kirrah and our friendly staff. 

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