A Guide to the X-Press It Light Pads

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:29 September 2021 


The X-Press It Magnetic Light Pad is the ideal companion to any graphic designer, artist, or student. With three levels of brightness, and top and side rulers for accurate scaling, the Light Pad is designed for tracing, illustration, and technical drawing.

The Light Pad is portable, lightweight, and ultra-slim at 6mm thickness, making it perfect for the artist on the go. The A4 or A3 size also fits snuggly in a backpack and can be easily stored away when not in use.

It also features anti-slip feet to stop your project from sliding.

These light pads are suitable for use with a USB adapter, power bank, desktop computer and laptop.

The magnetic zone of the lightbox is designed to secure your project with magnets included.

Each light pad comes with a power adaptor and USB-C cable.

These light pads make great gifts for art students, avid illustrators or architects in your life, or for anyone interested in drawing.


  • Anti-slip feet
  • Input: DC 5V, 5.5W
  • LED Rating: 50,000hr lamp life
  • Magnets included to secure your image in the magnetic zone of the lightbox
  • Power adaptor and USB-C cable included
  • Even light with 3 levels of brightness
  • Light weight and ultra slim 6mm thickness
  • Top and side ruler for accurate scaling
  • Portable and suitable for use with USB adaptor, power bank, desktop computer and laptop
  • Pairs well with Cartridge Paper
  • Designed for tracing, illustration & technical drawing

Available in A4 and A3

The A4 size features an illumination area of 307mm by 222mm, and the total size is (W) 338mm x (H) 250mm x (D) 6mm

The A3 size features an illumination area of 428mm by 303mm, and the total size is (W) 460mm x (H) 333mm x (D) 6mm

These Light pads will take your sketches to another level.

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