Art Shed x THE LUME Melbourne

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:9 December 2021 

Have you visited THE LUME Melbourne yet?

Photos courtesy of THE LUME Melbourne


Here at Art Shed we are delighted to announce our partnership with THE LUME Melbourne for their truly awe-inspiring Van Gogh experience.

Photos courtesy of THE LUME Melbourne


THE LUME is Australia’s (and the Southern Hemisphere’s) first permanent digital gallery that’s transforming the world’s finest art into fully immersive sensory experiences.

This mesmerising experience is complemented by curated sounds, aromas and even tastes that are bringing forth a new dimension in the way we experience art.

THE LUME Melbourne’s first venture is an incredible journey through the vibrant and iconic works of renowned Dutch Master, Vincent Van Gogh.

Photos courtesy of THE LUME Melbourne


This multi-sensory experience is a delightful and captivating adventure for all ages, that journeys through Van Gogh’s time in the Netherlands, Auvers-sur-Oise, Paris Arles, and Saint Rémy. Immerse yourself in the iconic works such as the dazzling Starry Night, and become captivated by this 360-degree experience as the walls ripple with light and colour and transform. 

Surprises await in this vibrant and hypnotic symphony of colour, sound, taste and scents.  

Photos courtesy of THE LUME Melbourne


As you explore the gallery, you are transported through dynamic landscapes and new perspectives on iconic artworks in a continual state of flux.

From the floors to the four-storey tall walls, you are completely immersed in a world of moving images that evolve and adorn every surface.

Peruse or pause as you please, there is no set path for exploring this 11-metre high, 3000 square metre gallery; the experience is up to you.

Photos courtesy of THE LUME Melbourne


While immersed in this animated, captivating journey through art, you can also sip on a glass of wine, Van Gogh inspired cocktail or latte and savour a delicious souffle, croissant or charcuterie board, among many more delectable French dishes in the heart of the gallery at Café Terrace 1888, evoking the sights and flavours of his iconic work Café Terrace at Night 1888.

Photos courtesy of THE LUME Melbourne


We’re so happy we could supply some our bestselling Mont Marte Easels to THE LUME Melbourne for their interactive exhibit, allowing gallery ‘goghers’ to create their own Van Gogh inspired masterpiece.

You can also pick up your very own art supplies in THE LUME Shop and channel your Master artist.  

Photos courtesy of THE LUME Melbourne


Australia’s first digital art gallery is a truly mesmerising exploration of the senses, and is transforming the way we experience art.

We highly recommend booking your tickets today for the experience of a lifetime. Head to and experience the magic yourself.

You can also find them on Instagram @thelumemelbourne

Thank you to THE LUME Melbourne for allowing us to share this incredible experience.

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