Our favourite art trends for 2024!

Author: Art Shed  Date Posted:10 January 2024 

We've done some research, observed the social medias and rounded up some of our favourite trends that we think will be hot for 2024.

Let us know what you think and if you'll be trying any of these beautiful styles in the year ahead.


Organic line work

In 2024, we're looking for natural, organic, loose and expressive line work. Long flowing brush strokes to allow to viewers eye to continue uninterrupted, taking them into a beautiful transcendant flow state. These types of artworks feed into the idea of connection and our inherent yearning to continually disconnect from the digital, mechanical and structured world.  

Featured artist: Leyla Bulmer https://www.leylabulmer.com/



Nature inspired botanicals and landscapes

This year we predict a return to bold and revitalising colours that reflect the outdoors. It's all about bringing nature inside with beautiful sea greens and sky blue hues. Go big or go home with this style of art, a large canvas will create a stunning impact. Landscapes and botanical themed work are going to be big in 2024! 

Featured artist: Tessa Maddock @tessamaddock_artist



Sculptural 3D works

We also predict the timeless medium of sculpture to remain a popular art form as collectors look for work that stands out from the traditional wall art. Adding dimension to your work adds a more interactive experience for the viewer. We see this art form continuing to become especially popular this year as we collectively search for tactile, visceral and engaging pieces of art in our homes. 

Featured artist: Kirrah Thompson @kirrah_thompson



Self Portraiture / Portraiture

A return to traditional art styles such as portraiture will regain popularity as we search for more meaning beyond the rise of AI and digitally composed art. The more expressive brushstrokes to elicit emotion, the better! We're always looking for a human connection, to see ourselves in the art reflected around us and this art style is the perfect opportunity to capture those feelings. 

Featured artist: Tom Parsons @tomparsonspainting



Textural, colourful, joyful!

We'll also be searching to bring more joy and colour into our homes in 2024 and don't you dare think texture art is going anywhere!! Movement and dynamic compositions will bring fresh energy and good vibes into your art work. So bring on the colour overload, it's proven the brain associates certain colours with positive feelings and we always need more of those.

Featured artist: Erin Reinboth https://erinreinbothart.com/



Celebrating Australia's rich culture

And in 2024 we see the yearning to support Australian culture and it's art style. From emerging contemporary artists to Indigenous art - there is room in everyone's home for a beautiful piece of Aussie culture! Bluethumb states buyers are looking for more transparency when purhcasing art "A notable aspect of this conscientious approach to art buying is an emphasis on ensuring ethical sourcing of Indigenous art and supporting Indigenous communities."

Featured artist: Holly McLennan-Brown https://www.koorietalesart.com/prints

Let us know what trends you think we missed! Or which one is your favourite?
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