Matisse Acrylic Paints - Structure Vs. Flow

Author: Tom   Date Posted:28 March 2017 

The differences between Matisse Structure and Flow Acrylic Paints


This week at Art Shed we are very excited! We recently ran a survey about what paints our customers would like to see added to our range, and we got a fantastic response. We have taken your feedback on board and Art Shed is now a proud stockist of the full range of Derivan Matisse Structure AND Flow Acrylic paints.


Matisse is one of the most widely recognized Acrylic paints in Australia, and is loved by many influential and reputable Artists worldwide.


For those of us who are not as familiar with Matisse Acrylics, I have put together a short video demonstrating the key differences between Matisse Structure and Flow paints - detailing the viscosity of the paint and the various different uses for each of these ranges.



If you have any questions please get in touch with me on our live chat window - or you can email me!

I hope you enjoy the video.


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