Halloween DIY: How to make Spooky Bat Decorations

Author: Dana McGorlick-Appelman  Date Posted:7 October 2021 

Are you looking for a super spooky Halloween decoration or a fun Lockdown arts and crafts activity for kids?

Why not try creating these DIY Spooky Bats?

Art Shed's chief Kids Art Tester Freyja loved creating these Halloween decorations and wanted to show other kids how to create a super spooky bat from black paper, glue and joggle eyes!

Keep reading to discover how to create these super fun Halloween Bats.

Parental supervision is recommended.


You will need:


  1. Take out 1 piece of black paper
  2. Place the paper in landscape format, and cut it down the middle to create 2 long strips.
  3. Taking another piece of paper, cut 2 small triangles, and glue them side by side on the edge of one of the strips of paper. Be sure to place them on the edge in the middle of the strip, with a little bit of the triangle sticking out. This will be the bats ears.  
  4. Take another piece of paper, and place it in landscape format. Then, carefully cut it down the middle again to create another 2 long strips.

5. With the 2 long strips, carefully cut out some wing shapes.

6. Once the glue has dried on the ears, flip the piece of paper over.

7. Below the ears, use PVA glue to stick on some Joggle eyes.

8. Then, using the white marker, draw 2 fangs on the paper below the eyes.

9. Once the glue on the eyes has dried, add some glue to 1 end of the strip. Then, bring the other end of the strip to meet the glued end and press, forming a tube, and allow it to dry. This is the body of the bat.

10. Once the glue has dried on the body, take your 2 wings, and apply glue to one end of each wing.

11. Press one glued edge of the wing to the back of the bats body. Then, press the other glued wing to the back of the bats body. Allow the glue to dry.

12. Ta-Da! Your Bat is complete! You can display your bat on tabletops for a spooky decoration, or use blue tac to stick your bat to a wall like its flying.


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Happy creating, and have a spooky Halloween!

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