Polymer Clay Essentials Starter Kit | Tutorial Book, Clays, Tools & Press

This Polymer Clay Starter Kit is the perfect gift idea for your creative loved one! 
This set is the ultimate starter back, containing all the essentials, or for someone wanting to expand their Polymer collection. This set is ideal to create jewellery, beads, trays, vases, pots and much more!

The set includes:
1x Creative Polymer Clay: Over 30 Techniques and Projects for Contemporary Wearable Art Book
1x Clay Press
1x Mont Marte 10pc Metallic Polymer Clay Set
1x Mont Marte 10pc Polymer Clay Set
1x Mont Marte Sculpting Mini Boxwood Modelling Tools 10pc


Creative Polymer Clay: Over 30 Techniques and Projects for Contemporary Wearable Art Book

Discover a new world of creative and colourful jewellery making!

In this comprehensive guide to modern polymer clay techniques, artist and designer Heidi Helyard reveals the simple techniques that can be used to create one-off, contemporary jewellery pieces with the minimum of tools and equipment.

The beauty of polymer clay is that it presents so many opportunities to explore colour combinations, patterns and texture.

In this book you will learn 10 easy yet exciting techniques including slab and cane making, marbling and colour mixing, inlay techniques, printing onto clay, surface embellishments and more to create over 20 unique jewellery pieces.

Mont Marte Sculpting - Polymer Clay Press - Rolling / Conditioning Machine

The Mont Marte clay press allows you to create an impressive range of marbling and blending effects, as well as preparing clay into flat sheets of varying thicknesses. It is a great tool for all types of clay modelling, including polymer clay. 

Equipped with 9 settings, the clay press can also be used to condition clay before modelling. 

Constructed with rust-proof stainless steel, the Monte Marte Polymer Clay Press is easy to use, with minimal mess and is easy to clean. It also comes complete with a table clamp to keep it securely in place when in use. 

Explore the world of clay modelling with this practical tool!

Make n Bake Polymer Clay Signature Metallic 100g (3.5oz)

Discover sculpting or add to your polymer collection, with our Make n Bake Polymer Clay Metallic set!

This set contains 10 metallic colours which are soft, smooth and easy to blend. It is easy-to-use, malleable and can be hardened in a standard household oven.

Includes 10 x 10g metallic colours: silver, copper, rose gold, metallic blue, metallic pink, gold, bronze, metallic green, metallic mauve, metallic red

Mont Marte Make n Bake Polymer Clay 10pc

Mont Marte Make N Bake Polymer Clay is easy to use, malleable and non-toxic synthetic clay that can be shaped then hardened in a standard household oven.

This pack gives you the opportunity to try 10 exciting colours from the range and is perfect for smaller projects where you need a bigger range of colours. 

It is ideal for use in press moulds, pattern making, figure and doll modelling, canes, beading, jewellery and many other sculptural projects.

The clay is soft and smooth and colours blend easily so new vibrant clean colours can be created. The clay holds very fine detail, features very good shape stability and when cured has very minimal shrinkage.

Clay will accept consecutive layers of clay over it and can be rebaked.

10pce pack includes - Black, Phthalo, Scarlet, Sunflower, Basic Green, White, Sky Blue, Hot Pink, Lavender, Mint Green.

Mont Marte Sculpting - Mini Boxwood Modelling Tools 10pc

They feature a durable boxwood construction and ergonomic design for comfortable and controlled usage.

  1. Create textured grooves with the forked end and carve out concave areas with the small curved tool.
  2. The rounded ball end can smooth out hard to reach places while the pointed tool shapes fine details with precision.
  3. Cut and contour with the large blade end and smooth surfaces evenly with the rounded end tool.
  4. The rounded paddle end can be used to gently flatten areas and the hooked end incises and removes clay with accuracy.
  5. Use the short blade tool to slice and cut clay and the pointed end produces uniform convex surfaces.
  6. Crosshatch and make fine lines with the large blade tool. The curved end contours delicate features.
  7. Score fine lines with the pointed angle tool. Hollow out small areas with the small curved tool.
  8. This pointed tool is invaluable for etching and indenting as well as aiding with the placement of small objects.
  9. The sharp-angled end smoothes and flattens and the large blade tool slices and sculpts.
  10. This tool is fantastic for creating uniform patterns and aids in the precise placement of small objects.


Brand Mont Marte
Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
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Shipping Length 0.300m
Shipping Cubic 0.018000000m3