Fimo Air Light 250g - Terracotta

This light as air modelling clay can be left to air-dry, or cured in your microwave oven at home. Objects made from FIMOair light are particularly light and are used where the weight of the model is important, such as mobiles, pendants, or wall decorations.

Ideal for art recreation and hobbiest, as well as for educational purposes in schools, kindergartens and other similar facilities.



  • Pack size 250gm

  • Ready to use

  • Extremely light weight formula

  • Suitable for beginners, kids and hobby artists

  • Dries in ten minutes in the microwave (see safety note)

  • Dried models can be decorated with paint, varnish and other decorations

  • Made in Germany


Handy hints:

  • To harden FIMO Air Light leave to dry naturally, or cure in the microwave oven with a small dish of cold water. As a guide, it wil take 10 minutes per 100grams.

  • Do not attempt to accelerate the drying process using a hairdryer or by placing in sunlight. This may result in models cracking.

  • Turn or rotate the item regularly during the drying process. This will ensure that it dries on all sides and does not warp.

  • The FIMO block should be stored correctly.


Safety note:

Microwave ovens vary in power and can be unpredictable. When placing your model into the microwave oven it is essential that a microwave-safe dish or mug be added, half-filled with cold water. This product may ignite if water is not placed inside the microwave oven while heating.


Storing FIMO correctly

Left over FIMO can be wrapped to keep protected from dust, sunlight and heat. We recommend storing it in plastic wrap in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with polystyrene or PVC.


Barcode # 4007817813058
Brand Fimo
Shipping Weight 0.2540kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
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