Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner 1 Litre

This incredible product cleans and preserves natural or synthetic brushes, easily removes acrylic, oil or lacquer, and even removes dried paint that is years old.

When using this product - if cleaning oil or lacquer, remove excess paint gently with a cloth.

If removing acrylic, remove excess paint with water.

Use brush soap undiluted, gently working the cleaner backwards and forwards well into the bristles.

Rinse well in tepid water to ensure all of the brush soap has been removed from the bristles and water runs clear.

Reshape and allow brush to completely dry before using again.


Staff tips:

This is my absolute favourite product! Admittedly I was really sceptical about this brush cleaner before I first tried it but it actually does remove dried paint from brushes.

A tip from me when trying to clean really far gone brushes is to submerge the bristles in this cleaner overnight in a jar. The following day pull them out and work the bristles in your hand under some warm water. You may need to do some work with a bit more cleaner and your hands following this if they are really bad, but you can restore brushes that would've otherwise been destined for the bin. (Tip by Art Shed's Tom)


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Brand Chroma
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