Acrylic Pouring/ Fluid Art for Beginners

Author: Alex Reeves  Date Posted:9 September 2022 


What is Acrylic Pouring?

Acrylic pouring is an abstract art technique called “fluid art” and belongs in the same family as alcohol ink and resin art. Artists pour fluid acrylic paint on a surface using a variety of colours and tools to create everything from tree rings and scenery to complex patterns and shapes.

Where did the pouring art trend come from?

Acrylic pouring has become a popular painting technique in the last 2 years, largely due to the trend #acrylicpour on TikTok, but was actually discovered in the 1930’s by Mexican social realist painter, David Alfaro Siqueiros. During the pandemic, many established creatives and artistic newbies saw the process of pouring as a fun way to create beautiful pieces of work, while giving a sense of accomplishment and mindfulness.

What are the different types of techniques in pouring?

Popular techniques include pouring, flipping, dipping, and straining.

Poruing – adding various colours into a cup and pouring them from height onto a canvas

Flipping – Inverting your paint filled cup so the colours spill out usually in circle patterns

Dipping – The reverse of a flip, lay your paint on a covered surface and dip the canvas into it. Great for a marble effect!

Straining – Like the colander you use for your pasta, you can create cool kaleidoscope effects – just remember to wash it thoroughly before cooking pasta next.

Fluid art has limitless possibilities, depending on the types of paint, colours, viscosity, textures, shapes and tools chosen by the artist. Sometimes not knowing what your artwork is going to look like at the end provides exciting possibility.

How do you try it out?

When it comes to trying out fluid art, Mont Marte have a great range of pouring paints and sets that we recommend for beginners, right through to professional artists - the paint quality is great and long lasting.

For a complete set that includes all the tools and textures you need to set yourself up, you cannot go past the 72 pc Pouring Paint Experience Kit. It is perfect for a weekend project with the kids, a date night with a partner or friends, or as a gift for someone wanting to try it out.

Check out the 72pc Pouring Paint Experience Kit here.


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Sussie Q

Fabulous! I'm in love with Fluid Art you make it look soo simple yet so beautiful! Thankyou. How much is the kit please?

Hi Sue! Thanks! The amazing Mont Marte Pouring Paint Experience Kit 72pc is RRP $89.00 - you can find it by clicking on the FLUID ART category at the top of our home page.

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