Beginner Friendly Air Dry Clay Sculpting Kit | Tutorials Modelling Pottery Tools

If you are a beginner with clay and are looking to start out, look no further than this Beginner Friendly Air Dry Clay Sculpting Kit! 

The kit includes air drying clay in terracotta and white, which is ideal for making vases, pots, bowls, jewellery trays and more! 
The clay does not need to be baked and air dries over 24 hours. Once dried you can sand, drill, paint or varnish as desired.

Also included is a full range of tools, as well as a Pottery Banding Wheel. These are ideal for hand-building and decorating.

The products included are as follows:
Mont Marte Air Hardening Modelling Clay - White 2kg & Mont Marte Air Hardening Modelling Clay - Terracotta 500gm
: Mont Marte Air Hardening Clay is the perfect choice for professional modellers, artists and students alike.

This heavy-bodied clay is pliable after kneading, and because it is slow drying you can take your time forming it into your desired design.

The clay is suited to free form sculpting and can be sanded, drilled, painted or vanished once dry.

Almost any decorative object can be created with imagination.

Mont Marte Sculpting - Pottery Banding Wheel 18cm:
Our Signature Pottery Banding Wheel features smooth turning so that you can handbuild and decorate your 3D projects without a hitch.

  • Smooth turning to view work from all sides
  • Sturdy design with a cast iron body and aluminium base
  • Heavy-duty bearing for durability
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Diameter: 18cm (7in)
  • Height: 10.5cm (4.1in)

Mont Marte Sculpting - Clay Tool Set 11pc
This set contains a fantastic variety of tools suitable for use with clay.

They may be used while the clay is still moist or on greenware (unfired air dried clay) to carve, cut and clean. They can also be used with polymer clay.

Each tool is made from clear varnished hardwood handles with durable steel blades.

Mont Marte Sculpting - Mini Boxwood Modelling Tools 10pc
This Mini Modelling Tool Set consists of 10 double-ended tools, providing 20 tool shapes to cut, carve, smooth, and create texture when sculpting.

They feature a durable boxwood construction and ergonomic design for comfortable and controlled usage.


Tutorials are a great way to start out with a new medium, our recommended tutorials for air dry clay can be viewed here: 


Brand Mont Marte
Shipping Weight 4.8000kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Shipping Cubic 0.000125000m3