Beginner Art Sketching Drawing Set | Artist Kit | Sketch Book Pencils Charcoal

This beginner's sketching set is ideal for starting out with drawing and experimenting with different mediums. All the essentials you need - at an affordable price!

All items come packaged in a beautifully presented box with a link to tutorials, tips and tricks - ideal for gifting or a present for yourself!

The set contains:

Mont Marte Discovery Sketch Book Spiral Bound A4 150gsm 30 Sheet

Mont Marte Eraser - Artists Eraser Pack 4pc

Mont Marte Graphite Pencils - Metal Tin 12pc

Mont Marte Charcoal - Woodless Charcoal Pencils 3pc

Mont Marte Charcoal Pencils - Coloured 12pc


Mont Marte Discovery Sketch Book Spiral Bound A4 150gsm 30 Sheet:

Put your creative ideas and thoughts onto paper with the Mont Marte Discovery Spiral Bound Sketch Book. The standard A4 size means your pages will fit perfectly in a range of different frames should you choose to display them whilst giving ample practice room and the sturdy 150gsm-weighted construction prevents your pages from creasing and buckling.

This spiral-bound book houses 30 acid-free sheets of high-quality sketching paper that won't tarnish or discolour over time. 


Mont Marte Eraser - Artists Eraser Pack 4pc:

The Mont Marte Creative Eraser Set contains 4 erasers for all your artistic needs. The pack contains a jumbo eraser, a hard eraser, a soft eraser and a black eraser, all of which can be used for graphite and charcoal. 


The jumbo eraser is great for large drawings and can be used to lift off highlights with charcoal or graphite. 

The hard eraser is perfect for harder surfaces such as tracing paper. 

The soft eraser is ideal for more delicate papers where abrading may be an issue. 

The black eraser is excellent when used on black paper and will not leave marks that white erasers have a tendency to leave. 


Mont Marte Graphite Pencils - Metal Tin 12pc:

These Mont Marte Graphite Pencils are the perfect choice for applications including technical drawing, writing and sketching.

Also referred to as Grey Lead pencils, graphite is a staple supply to have available when creating artwork. Perfect for doing your initial drawings, sketches and designs, they are easy to erase or to create depth in your drawing.

Contains 12 Pencils - 2H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, 8B. 


Mont Marte Charcoal - Woodless Charcoal Pencils 3pc:

Mont Marte Signature Woodless Charcoal Pencils are made of superior grade charcoal. Use the woodless charcoal pencil on an angle for broad strokes or with the sharpened point for fine details. Create highlights with a kneadable eraser.

Pack contains 3 grades of charcoal - soft, medium & hard.

Mont Marte Charcoal Pencils - Coloured 12pc:

Mont Marte Coloured Charcoal is available in 4 earthy colours that have been favoured by the masters for centuries. 

These pencils will capture the warmth of a wide range of subject matter including still life, landscapes, and life drawing. 

2 x White Charcoal Pencil: Fantastic for creating highlights and may be used to blend with other colours to create mid tones. 

2 x Sanguine Charcoal Pencil: Sanguine is a reddish-brown colour, very similar to Burnt Sienna. It is ideal to create warm tones in your sketches and illustrations.

2 x Sepia Charcoal Pencil: Sepia is a deep rich brown colour, similar to Burnt Umber and is ideal to render shadows and make bold outlines.

6 x Black Charcoal: Black charcoal can be used alone or in conjunction with other colours in the set. Included are 2 each of soft, medium and hard pencils to suit your sketching needs.


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