Artograph LED Tracer Opaque Art Projector

The Artograph LED Tracer Art Projector makes tracing, enlarging, and transferring images easy! This new Tracing Projector is ideal for decorators, crafters, artists, painters, and hobbyists. The projector is portable, lightweight, requires no setup and is silent. Simply place the projector on top of any art or copy and enlarge the image onto a wall or canvas for tracing and colouring. Create murals, paintings, posters, signs and banners faster and more accurately than ever.


  • Enlarges flat artwork or small 3-D objects from 2 to 14 times onto any vertical surface.
  • Copy size: 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm. Work in sections with larger designs and prints.
  • Overall Dimensions: 14.6cm W x 32.4cm D x 22.9cm H
  • 5,000 Lumens provides 8 times brighter image vs. the Original EZ Tracer  
  • LED Board that provides light for 10,000 Hours
  • Lens: 200 mm optical glass
  • Horizontal projection onto any vertical surface
  • Easy to use and ready when you are – no assembly required.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Silent operation
  • Environmentally Friendly LED Light Source; runs cooler and longer than CFL Bulbs
  • 2 metre long cord with Low Voltage Power Adapter (12V, 1.5 AMP)
  • 1 year Limited Warranty


Tips & tricks

  • Set up your projector in a dark room for best results, on a sturdy table or bench.
  • Original image must be no larger than 13 x 13cms, unless you plan to move the image to trace in sections.
  • If you are having trouble getting a clear image, keep adjusting the lens or position of the easel.
  • The sharper the original, the more visible the projected image will be.
  • Use only the light bulb provided.
  • If you are not planning on tracing your complete image in one sitting, be sure not to move the projector once it is in postition.



1. How should I set-up my Artograph LED Tracer?

The projector can be placed on any stable surface such as a stool, table or other furniture. It is helpful if the height and distance can be adjusted. Mount your canvas or paper on the wall or on your easel, about 70-90cms away from the projector.

For best results watch our helpful video, click this link Artograph Ez Tracer

There is also a manufacturer video, click here Artograph EZ Tracer 


2. What size does my original image need to be?

The size of your image should be less than 13 x 13cm. If your image is larger it is also possible to divide the image into four and trace one section at a time.


3. What should I project the image onto?

The projector can be used for painting, drawing, mixed media and lots of other kinds of visual art. If you have an easel, your paper or canvas is ideal for tracing. Keep in mind the projector is designed to enlarge the image up to ten times, so your media will need to be at least 60cms wide/high.


4. Why is the image blurry and out of focus?

Use the adjustable lens coupled with moving the projector and easel to find the best position to get the clearest image possible. As you learn to use the projector, focussing the image will become easier.


5. The projector is lighter than I expected, why is this?

Traditional film or slide projectors were made with stainless steel or aluminum casing, this was to protect the internal elements of the machine. Newer technology and lighter components mean that the EZ Tracer is portable and much easier to move into position and make adjustments.


6. What if I don't have a dark room?

The room does not need to be blacked out completely. The image will be much clearer if you can darken the room, just like it is watching any screen or digital device. Simply closing the curtains and switching off the light is sufficient.


If you have any more questions about the LED Tracer, please contact us by calling 1300-785-406 or by emailing us at

Have fun using your LED Tracer!



SKU NU0104790
Barcode # 088612254714
Brand Artograph
Shipping Weight 1.6200kg
Shipping Width 0.350m
Shipping Height 0.160m
Shipping Length 0.240m
Shipping Cubic 0.013440000m3