Mont Marte Fluoro and Metallic Acrylics are fabulous to add luminescent and sparkle colours to your art and craft projects.  Both the Fluoro and Metallic Acrylics are available in 6 brilliant colours.


The features and benefits of acrylic paint are well known and the Mont Marte versions are fine examples of high quality paint.

Features and Types of Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint’s colour is provided by one or more pigments in an acrylic polymer emulsion suspension. The brilliance of that colour is generally greatest when only a single pigment is used but becomes duller as pigments are mixed to create other colours.

Acrylic paints have become increasingly popular since their development in the 1930s, partly because they are waterproof when dry, even though they can be diluted in water.

The main reason for their popularity, however, has been their drying speed, applied paint generally being surface dry in 15-20 minutes as opposed to the several days that can often be the case for oils.

This means that an acrylic painting can be completed in a single session since there are no long waits for successive layers to dry sufficiently.

Some acrylic paints are described as high viscosity or heavy bodied, meaning they can be applied in thick layers without any danger of sagging or running.

Some dry to a sheen finish while others are gloss, and many are very resistant to fading when exposed to sunlight (known as light fastness).

Certain paints experience colour shift, meaning their appearance when dry is different to that when first applied.

As with most things, the more you pay, the better the quality of the product and the more reliable and consistent is the outcome.

For best results, therefore, you should generally buy artist or professional grade paints although student grades will be satisfactory when you’re learning to paint and cost is a major factor.

All paints from Art Shed are priced as low as we can make them, while still retaining high quality, although the same differentials apply.

Fluorescent and Metallic Paint

Mont Marte has a range of fluorescent acrylic paint in 75ml tubes and six brilliant colours that are available individually or in sets. These add luminescent colour to art projects and, although acrylic, can be cleaned with water.

The fluro acrylic paint can be applied to stretched canvas, canvas panels or painting boards using acrylic or Taklon brushes from all types of palettes except wooden ones.

Also available is metallic acrylic paint with a range of six colours in 75ml tubes. Use it to add metallic finishes to art projects, producing a luxurious metallic sheen on surfaces such as canvas, card and wood.

All these Mont Marte paints provide an authentic metallic appearance due to an opaque coverage and smooth consistency. They can be applied with acrylic or Taklon brushes, which can be cleaned with water.

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