Chameleon Colour Tone Marker Set - Deluxe 52pc (Complete Set)

Chameleon Color Tones is an innovative alcohol-based marker system that gives you the ability to change the colour tone of your pen.

The 20 vibrant colours produce over 100 colour tones giving you the ability to create stunning effects such as 3D, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and blending, all with one pen

Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection.

One pen blends multiple tones.

The Chameleon Colour Tones system allows you to do more with less!


The 52-Pen set, containing 50 colours, the Detail Pen, Blender Pen, Replacement Nibs and Tweezers, gives you the most comprehensive colour pallet available, at a fraction of what you’d pay for other systems. With the addition of more tones within each colour group, you can blend not only the ‘one pen blend’ way, but also like you would with a traditional marker. The new case is more transportable than ever, transforming from a carry case into a workstation. Now take 100s of tones on your travels, without requiring 100s of pens! With Chameleon Color Tones, an artist need never be restricted by their palette.



CB – Colorless Blender, D – Detail Pen, BK4 – Deep Black, WG7 – Warm Gray 7, WG3 – Warm Gray 3, CG8 – Cool Gray, CG9 – Cool Gray 9, CG5 – Cool Gray 5, NG4 – Neutral Gray 4, BR5 – Bark, BR4 – Burnt Umber, BR3 – Cinnamon, BR2 – Hot Cocoa, BR1 – Taupe, NU4 – Caramel, NU3 – Fawn, GR4 – Evergreen, BG1 – Lagoon, BG3 – Turquoise, BG4 – Aqua Marine, BL2 – Baby Blue, BL3 – Sky Blue, BL4 – Cornflower Blue, BL6 – Royal Blue, BL7 – Indigo, BV2 – Lavender, BV4 – Blue Violet, VO2 – Mauve, VO4 – Deep Violet, PR4 – Purple Grape, NU00 – Nude, NU0 – Sand, NU1 – Bisque, NU2 – Light Peach, GR3 – Grass Green, GR2 – Dark Sage, GR1 – Green Apple, OL3 – Olive Green, YG3 – Spring Meadow, YL2 – Summer Sun, YO3 – Warm Sunset, YO2 – Mellow Yellow, OR4 – Seville Orange, OR3 – Tangerine, RD5 – Burgundy, RD4 – Crimson Red, RD3 – Vermilion, RD2 – Red Coral, PK5 – Fuchsia, PK4 – Peony Pink, PK3 – Bubble Gum, PK2 – Dusty Rose.   1 x Tweezers, 14 x Replacement Nibs, Carry Case (also horizontal workstation for pens), Deluxe Instruction and Ideas Book.



• Double-Ended Pen 

• Japanese SuperSoft Brush Nib and Bullet Nib

• Professional Quality Alcohol-Based Ink

• Refillable Inks 

• Replaceable Nibs

• Permanent on Most Surfaces 

• Compatible with all other Alcohol-Based Inks

• Non-Toxic and Low Odor

• Ideal for All Paper Crafts, Manga, Graphic and Fine Art


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Brand Chameleon
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