Zest-it Away 125ml


Zest-it Washaway allows oil paint to be cleaned from brushes and then rinsed clean with water.
It has a light solvent smell, contains no aromatics or CFC's, non-flammable and less harmful to the environment.
It contains an Aliphatic Hydrocarbon with added soaps that emulsify oil-based media, enabling it to be washed away with water so there is no need to use soap and water as a final brush clean-up.
After cleaning with Washaway, dry on paper towel and allow the brushes to air-dry in the normal way.
Zest-it Washaway is ideal for those dislike the lingering solvent smell from most brush cleaners and for plein-air oil painters it means carrying around dirty brushes is a thing of the past.


Barcode # 609722852562
Brand Zest
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