Liquitex 946ml - Soluvar Matte Varnish 946ml

Liquitex offers the broadest range of acrylic mediums to inspire creativity at every stage of the painting process. Varnish Mediums protect the painting surface from the environment and protect the pigments from ultraviolet light. Additionally, varnishes can be used to change or unify a painting’s surface sheen.

Liquitex varnishes come in several different sheens which can all be intermixed for a customized sheen. Liquitex Archival Removable Varnish Finishing Medium is a low-viscosity, very fluid medium.  Apply as a final varnish over dry acrylic or dry oil paint.  Increases the depth and intensity of color. 

Dries to a clear, non-tacky, water-resistant hard film that is resistant to retention of dirt and prevents dirt and pollutants from contacting paint surface.  Self-leveling, will not hold brush strokes.  Flexible, will not crack as surface expands and contracts during temperature and humidity changes.  Resists discoloring (non-yellowing, non-fogging) due to humidity heat and ultraviolet light.  Protects painting against harsh elements.  For interior and exterior use. APPLICATION: Apply as a final varnish over dry acrylic or oil paint.

Good ventilation is required. Application may be done by brush or spray. Generally a sprayed application will be thinner, smoother and more even. Rolling or sponging application is not recommended. Painting surface and environment must be clean, dry and dust free. Allow oil paint to dry for 6 months to one year and acrylic paint for a minimum of 72 hours.

Varnish may become non-removable if applied over a painting that has not completely dried and cured. Liquitex Soluvar Matte Varnish contains matting agents that settle during storage. Gently stir with brush handle or dowel until completely re-dissolved. Do not shake. Apply 1-2 layers of Liquitex Soluvar Varnish. Let each layer dry 24 hours between coats. Visit our Liquitex Amazon Storefront for full product assortment.


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