Craft Stores Melbourne

The Best Arts and Crafts Store in Melbourne

No matter what level you’re at - an absolute beginner, professional artist or are simply looking to get your kids into the amazing possibilities that art opens up; we have everything that you need in our art shop in Melbourne.

At Art Supply Online, our core focus is to allow as many people as possible to get involved in art, and we’re doing that by making it accessible, enjoyable and affordable through our Melbourne art store.

We have had over 50,00 customers that have benefited from our reasonable prices, exceptional customer service and our expert staff that are more than happy to dish out information and advice. That’s why we are more than comfortable in saying we are one of Melbourne’s best craft stores.

Art, art, art and more art

When we say that we have everything you could possibly need, we really aren’t joking. Our product range includes around 4,000 products and so it’s incredibly likely that we’ll have what you’re looking for. If you by chance don’t find what it is that you need, then we’d be more than happy to tell you exactly who stocks it and where you can find it.

Although we do stock most types of pain, canvases, easels, drawing equipment and pretty much everything else in between, we are always looking to improve our offerings. So, if you notice we don’t have something in our store that you like to see, then simply let us know and we’ll look into getting it into the store.

As one of Melbourne’s premier art stores, we deal with a whole range of suppliers and maintain a strong, friendly working relationship with each and every one of them. That’s why we are always one of the first art shops that they get hold of when the latest items from international brands or unique, limited items from smaller, emerging brands become available on the market. We also buy from them in bulk and as such, we can offer our products to our wonderful clients at amazing prices.

Buy online or in-house

If you are based in Melbourne, then you could simply pop into our art shop in Moorabbin. At the shop, you’ll be able to physically browse through the products and get first-hand knowledge on what we have on offer for you. You’ll also get the opportunity to be inspired by some of our work and we can give you some wonderful ideas on what you can do with your own art.

We always love it when our customers come into the shop and we get to know them face to face; we are always more than happy to offer our help and expert advice in any way. We often have art demonstrations and other activities in the shop to excite and inspire all of our customers.

If you aren’t able to physically come into the shop, then you’re able to shop simply and efficiently through our online store. We have so many art supplies and accessories in stock, and the site is easy to navigate and payment is quick and simple.

As we are a family-owned business, we thrive off of family values - we are genuinely passionate about every art and care deeply about all our customers and love seeing the work that you produce using our supplies. Please pop into our art store in Melbourne to check out our products and be inspired by all the other wonderfully creative people that surround you.

At Art Shed, we supply art supplies online through the country which includes everything you can think of and more. Shop with us and we promise you will never be disappointed.